Wow goes ape over Monkey toy

Wow Stuff says it can shift a million units of its forthcoming Dave the Monkey toy in the UK alone.
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The firm believes it could have one of the year’s must-have toys on its hands with the interactive plush product.

The quirky plush toy is described as being an 'interactive ventriloquist dummy for the 21st century' by Wow Stuff MD, Richard North.

It works by remote control and sits on the shoulder of the user. It will also interact in other ways – shouting at it will make it sad for instance. It also has a sleep mode whereby it will appear to be a still plush toy, but will occasionally look around or scratch its head.

North explained: "We got a video and then a prototype through and we absolutely loved it. We showed it to all the majors at Spring Fair and the reaction couldn’t have been any better. So we knew that we were onto something big.

"In March when the retailers were making their selections, they put a big focus on it. The numbers at retail are huge, but now we’ve got to make sure that no-one over-orders on it."

The product will be backed by the firm’s first TV campaign – some 400 TVRs – and will launch in the UK in July, hitting the US a few weeks later.

“We’re very excited about it and we think we can do a million pieces in the UK,” added North.

Wow Stuff: 0870 054 6000


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