World Apart clamps down on pop-ups

Worlds Apart has issued a statement regarding copyright issues on its range of pop-up tents.
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Worlds Apart and The Ninja Corporation have joined forces in a bid to protect both companies' Intellectual Property Rights in "Pop Up" structures.

Simon Birchenough and Anthony Brereton agreed to work together after noticing the appearance of number of "pop up" tents at both the UK and Nuremburg Toy Fairs.

Despite the fact the companies believe they clearly infringe subsisting patents, it has become apparent that a particular factory in SE China has allegedly been telling potential customers that the European patent for pop up tents would expire in August 2009, thus allowing the factory to supply the market.

Worlds Apart and The Ninja Corporation have issued a joint statement to the industry regarding the situation:

“It is important that anyone who is interested in purchasing pop up play structures from any manufacturer other than Worlds Apart or The Ninja Corporation is aware that multiple European and International Patents remain in force.

"Furthermore, both Ninja and Worlds Apart have previously filed multiple patent applications relating to pop up structures, some of which have already been granted both in the UK & mainland Europe, and these remain valid for many years to come.

"We can also confirm that those companies offering infringing products for sale have been put on notice by the relevant Patentee, and any further infringements will be dealt with in the same robust way.”

The move follows a number of past incidents where both companies have been forced to defend their Intellectual Property Rights in circumstances which have proved costly for those who have manufactured, brought and stocked the infringing products.


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