Wave of LEGO Doctor Who ideas hit Cuusoo

Follows Cuusoo lifting its ban on ideas based on the hit sci-fi show.
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Last month saw LEGO Cuusoo lift its ban on Doctor Who LEGO ideas, and the site has now welcomed a flood of projects based on the hit show.

At the time of writing, there have been 21 Doctor Who themed projects land on the site in the last four days. 

The leading project at the moment is the Doctor Who and Companions set from Andrew Clarke.

The 500 piece set includes the interior and exterior of the Tardis, two Doctors (one from an older series and one from the new series), two companions, K9 and a Dalek.

The project currently has 1,180 supporters and needs to reach 10,000 to make it to the review stage.

Check out the project here, and take a look at the set below:

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

Other Doctor Who projects to land on Cuusoo include ones based on Doctor Who Vs The Daleks, a set featuring Minifigures from throughout the entire series and one based on the Ninth and Tenth Doctor’s Tardis console room.


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