VIDEO: First Attacknids webisode debuts on YouTube

See Combat Creatures 'Age of the Deletors'; Toys R Us and Argos excited by robotic toy.
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The first Combat Creatures webisode is available to watch on YouTube now.

To support the launch of Attacknids, toy maker Wow Stuff has produced a series of webisodes - bite sized video content - to provide kids with a fictional backstory to its forthcoming toy line.

Meanwhile, top toy retailers Toys R Us and Argos have spoken out in favour of the spider-like robot.

Martyn Walker, boys buyer from Argos said: "We generally select which toys we feel are going to be the best-sellers at Christmas in the first half of the year but sometimes great toys come along late in the cycle that will clearly resonate with customers and create huge demand.”

Walker continued, “Attacknid and the Combat Creatures brand of battling robotics is a great example of a surprise toy which we feel will be very popular and so we have committed to obtaining as much stock as we can.”

Mike Coogan, marketing director of Toys R Us said: “As the world’s largest dedicated toy only retailer it’s our duty to ensure we bring the best of, or new in, each category to market ahead of our competitors. We are delighted to once again be the first to do that with Attacknid.”

Those sentiments echo those from The Entertainer’s buying director Stuart Grant, who predicted Attacknids would be the “top boys toy of the year”.


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