US: Toy execs join economic debate

Top executives agree it is vital for Congress to pass a revised bailout plan to restore consumer confidence.
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Consumers, who are suffering higher fuel and food prices, and declining stock portfolios and home values.

Brian Goldner, chief executive of Hasbro (pictured) told Reuters: "What I would hope is, whatever the plan people decide on, they take politics out of it and really focus on the consumer on Main Street, on the needs of individuals, families, communities and small businesses,"

Neil Friedman, president of Mattel brands said the rescue plan should "certainly give people at least the comfort that their money is safe."

He continued: "I hope whatever the government does will calm people's fears about the economy and will do what is necessary to stabilize what has been an unbelievable roller coaster for the last week."

The financial crisis has raised fears that Christmas shopping could suffer greatly this year as consumers continue to battle job losses and rising prices.

A rescue plan should come quick, according to Vic Bertrand, chief innovation officer of Mega Brands.

"We really need to put some stability in the markets," Bertrand said. "There will be a lot of turmoil unless they come up with an action plan that they can agree upon in a shorter period of time. Some form of action as soon as possible is better than the uncertainty."

Source: Reuters


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