US: Superhero collectables allow fans to assemble Avengers

New line of self-assemble collectables are exclusive to comic book specialist shops and Previews catalogue
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Superhero fans across the US will soon be able to assemble their own Avengers, as a range of Iron Man, Iron Man 3 and Thor action figures prepare to launch exclusively with Previews.

The self-assemble line of products allows fans to 'construct and showcase' their own Marvel heroes.

While the line is scheduled for release in comic book shops in late January, mid-February and March this year, comic book enthusiasts can pre-order through Diamond Comic's January issue of Previews.

The line includes the Avengers Iron Man MK. 7 Action Hero Vignettes Combat Version, retailing at $149.99 and the more snappily titled, Avengers Thor Action Hero Vignettes at the same price.

Also available is the Iron Man 3 MK. 42 Action Hero Vignettes, featuring the advanced suit as seen in the Iron Man 3 movie.

'These action figures are Previews exclusive items, as they come pre-assembled but require quick, snap-together construction, but do not resemble normal action figures statue,' read a statement from Previews.

'The figures have a professional looking finish.'

Check the images out below:

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