Turner unveils Ben 10: 10.10.10 plans

EMEA-wide campaign will celebrate status as multi-billion dollar global retail brand and new series.
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2010 is ‘The Ultimate Year of Ben 10’ and Ben 10: 10.10.10, a comprehensive programme of events that has taken a year to plan, is the initiative that will drive the celebrations for the brand.

Officially launching in October 2010, the initiative will encompass all areas of the business, from on-air and online to ad sales and promotions.

Ben 10 is at different stages of its life cycle in each regional market and the event activity organised around Ben 10: 10.10.10 will reflect this.

Retail activity has been secured in over 30 countries across EMEA and collaborations with Cartoon Network channel teams will see outdoor, online and TV events.

Alan Fenwick, vice president, Turner CN Enterprises said: “The beauty of the initiative is that although it provides a global focus for the brand and of course a reason to celebrate our successes, Ben 10: 10.10.10 isn’t restricted to the 10th October 2010.

"Throughout EMEA, our regional teams and agents are working in collaboration with channel marketing teams, programming, online, retailers and licensees to tailor activity that maximises the potential of this pinnacle calendar event for their local market.

"Whether it be ten days, ten weeks or even ten months, I’m absolutely certain that this is the event that will help us to further the success of Ben 10 which is still growing and cement the brands position as an entertainment evergreen.”


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