TOYMASTER 2014: VTech to introduce Little Love Baby Talk

Doll can speak over 100 words, sing ten melodies and speak over 80 phrases.
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VTech is heading to the Toymaster show this week with a range of familiar favourites and a portfolio of new lines, including Little Love Baby Talk.

The doll is the 'first interactive doll that grows and learns with children'.

Aimed a kids aged two years and upwards, the Little Love Baby Talk doll can speak over 100 words, sing ten melodies and speak over 80 phrases.

‘The more children talk to the doll, the more the doll will learn and grow with them,’ said VTech.

The doll also features four activity buttons to help teach music, role-play and nurturing skills and play activities.

Joining the Little Love Baby Talk doll is the 3-in-1 Pushchair, that transforms from a high chair, to a walker to a cot.

The pushchair features interactive components designed to help teach numbers, food names, counting, music and facts.

The transformable pushchair also tells stories, sings ten melodies and 20 lullabies.

VTech will also be highlighting its collection of Toot Toot Drivers, with play-sets including the Police Station, Deluxe Track Set, Cargo Train, Animals Tree House and Animal Three Pack, featuring the Elephant, Lion and Zebra.



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