TOYMASTER 2014: Bandai highlights Power Rangers line ahead of new TV series

Joining Power Rangers on the booth will be the latest additions to the Pac-Man, Ben 10 and Digimon lines.
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With the new Power Rangers Super Megaforce TV series airing this summer, Bandai will be showcasing its range of action figures, Megazords and role-play at this year's Toymaster show, as well as offering a special launch deal to include a number of free Power Rangers figures.

Joining Power Rangers on the booth will be the latest additions to the Pac-Man, Ben 10 and Digimon lines, compete with some 'special half price offers'.

Another show highlight will be the chance to see the new designs for the Tamagotchi Digital Friend, with all six on display for the first time in the UK. 

Customers will also be shown the figure and playset toy line extension as the Tamagotchi characters in the device screen become available in collectable form across a variety of different pack types. 

Finally, there will also be a show deal on the Locksies by Harumika FSDU for those interested in the latest creative range of dolls and rooms for young designers to dress and decorate.



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