Toy Story 3 named most popular toy of 2010

Toys R Us unveils its best-selling toys of the past 25 years as it celebrates its 25th anniversary.
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According to company figures, the retailer has sold more than 2.5 billion toys to 300 million customers at its 75 stores across Britain.

A range of licensed toys have been prevalent throughout the quarter of a century of trading.

Mike Coogan, Toys R Us marketing director, commented: “While technology is now more popular than ever before with children, customers who have been with us for the full 25 years will start to recognise some toys which are making a comeback.

"Back in the eighties all the kids wanted to own the Transformers robots, and while they died out during the nineties, they are hugely popular once again due to the 2007 movie which was based on the original series."

While video games and consoles have risen in popularity during the period, the impact and influence of TV programmes and movies has remained an big factor in the popularity of toys.

13 years out of the 25 have seen a licensed toy top the charts.

Coogan added: “We are… seeing huge demand for soft toys and characters from popular TV shows - even more adult shows such as Who Wants To Be a Millionaire influences the games parents are buying for their children."

This year, another film property, Toy Story 3, has been listed as the most popular toy range.

Toy Timeline:

1985: Transformers, Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime £16.87
1986: Football Stickers. 10p per pack
1987: Sylvanian Families. A Family set for £6.97
1988: Ghostbusters Proton Pack £19.87
1989: Batman Bat Mobile £9.94
1990: Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. £3.78 for each figure
1991: GameBoy. £69.94
1992: Thunderbirds Tracy Island £32.87
1993: Barbie Dolls from £10.97
1994: Power Rangers Figures £4.74
1995: POGS. 49p
1996: Toy Story Buzz Lightyear £23.87
1997: 2 in 1 year - Teletubbies £27.39 and Tamagotchi
1998: Furby, the Interactive Pet £24.87
1999: Who wants to be a Millionaire? £23.78
2000: Teksta the Robotic Dogs £38.74
2001: Bob the Builder £19.97
2002: Bratz Dolls £24.99
2003: Beyblades £5.99
2004: Robosapien £74.97
2005: It's the year for MP3 Players, PSP and Xbox 360 (ranging from £9.99 to £299.99)
2006: Nintendo Wii (ranging from £129.99 to £169.99)
2007: In the Night Garden Iggle Piggle £34.99
2008: High School Musical Dance Mat £17.99
2009: Go Go Pet Hamsters £9.99
2010: Toy Story 3 (priced from £4.99)


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