TOY FAIR DAILY: Fuzzy Felt celebrates 60th anniversary

John Adams & Toy Brokers is celebrating with further expansion of the range in 2010.
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Following its re-launch in 2009 by John Adams and Toy Brokers, the Fuzzy Felt range is growing.

Fuzzy-Felt was officially launched on August 30th 1950, and has gone on to become one of the UK’s best-loved creative toys.

Fuzzy-Felt Craft Tubs are a new twist on this old favourite, with a range of three sets, aimed at helping a new generation of children to discover and enjoy this creative, educational toy.

The range includes: Things that Go, a selection of vehicles, Animals, including farmyard favourites and pets, and Pink and Sparkly.

Each tub contains 400 felt pieces plus an ingenious flexi-board, rolled up and stored inside before unfolding as a perfectly flat surface. Tubs are suitable for ages 3+ and retail at around £9.99.


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