TOY FAIR 2011: Spin Master reveals Zoobles

The collectable range of colourful characters pop open when you least expect it.
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From the manufacturers of Bakugan and Moon Sand, comes Zoobles, the collectable colourful balls that spring to life and magically transform into characters when placed on their Happitat.

When petted, the Zoobles react by blinking their eyes, wagging their tails, wiggling their ears and more.

“Zoobles are amazing, magical creatures that are incredibly fun,” says Phil Hooper, marketing sirector for Spin Master UK.

“Not only do Zoobles stand out because of their outstanding design and unique transformation, but with over a 150 different Zoobles to collect, little girls are going to go crazy for these quirky characters.”

This spring, Spin Master will launch Zoobles from different areas of the mysterious Zoobles Isle: Petagonia, Seagonia and Azoozia. Each Zooble comes with its own Happitat which includes a hot spot for its popping open activation.

Targeted at girls aged four and over, Zoobles are available now. Zoobles retail from £5.99 for a single pack and £9.99 for a Twoble pack to £19.99 for the Blossoming Garden Play-set. Special Edition Zoobles and Hair Play Zoobles are £7.99 and Light-Up Zoobles are £9.99.


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