TOY FAIR 2011: Best New Toys unveiled

Some 34 toys made it onto this year's list of best New Toys at Toy Fair.
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Lego, Vivid, Bandai, Spin Master and Hasbro were among the companies with products on the coveted 'best in show' list which has been circulated to national media today.

Children dressed as toy lab testers were on hand to demonstrate the toys.

Best New Toys 2011

Boys’ Toys
Bakugan Gundalin Dragonoid - Spin Master
Ben 10 Alien Creation - Chamber Bandai
Agents Headquarters - Playmobil

Space Station - Lego
Hogwarts Castle - Lego
Space Chaos Silver Force Fighters - Meccano

Solar Robot - Great Gizmos
Harumika Lucia Mannequin Set - Bandai
Moon Dough Magic Zoo - Spin Master
Createaway Easel - Mookie Toys

5 Second Rule - University Games
Maze Racer - Peers Hardy
World Map Puzzleball - Ravensburger

Girls’ Toys/Girls’ Collectables
Moshi Monsters - Vivid
Zoobles - Spin Master
Squinkies - Character Options
Sylvanian Families Ambulance - Flair

Hobby Toys
Rock Crawler Jnr - Rebel Toys
RC Shuttle Galaxy - Carrera/The Hobby Company

Infant and Pre-School
Ben & Holly Magic Wand - Golden Bear
Busy Ball Popper - Hasbro
Noah’s Ark - Playmobil
Tune up Speedy - Leapfrog

Pocket Money
Star Wars Slingers - Corinthian
Historical Hero Figures - Schleich
Eggbods - Bluw Group

Feature Plush
Let’s Pretend Charley Bear - Vivid
Hello Kitty Go Glow Pal - Worlds Apart
Benji My Best Friend - Vivid
Zhu Zhu Puppies - Character Options

Electronic Lightsaber - Hasbro
Light Strike - Zappies/WowWee
Xploderz - Character Options

JCB Multi Construct - HTI

"The BTHA wishes a hearty ‘congratulations’ to all of this year’s Toy Fair Best New Toy winners," commented BTHA Fairs and Events Manager Simon Pilling. "This list is just a tiny fraction of the toys that are launched at Toy Fair every year, but it is also a fantastic reflection of the diversity, creativity and innovation at play within the UK toy market today."


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