Top Gear host launches Scalextric4schools

Hornby Hobbies partners with PTC to drive children?s interest in science and engineering.
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PTC, the Product Development Company, in partnership with Scalextric has announced the launch of the first UK Scalextric4schools challenge.

Motoring expert James May launched the initiative at the John Kelly Boys Technology College in Neasden. The aim of the Scalextric4schools design/make/race challenge is to inspire students to consider science and engineering related subjects for Higher Education and as a future career.

Schools will be able to register their student teams to compete head-to-head with other schools; each team will then need to design, build and race their car against other school teams.

The inaugural challenge will consist of nine regional heats culminating in a national final, the date of which will be announced on the Scalextric4schools website in the next few weeks. The overall winner will be selected based on their race position, the quality of their slot-car and their portfolio, which documents the design and manufacturing process.

Teachers can register teams, download the competition track layout, and register for their local regional race on the website .

Presenter of Top Gear and motoring expert James May was at the launch last week and is supporting this campaign. He said: “We need the next generation to see the potential career opportunities in this field and to be inspired to continue their education.

“This project from Scalextric and PTC is exactly the kind of initiative that will excite and inspire young people into the world of engineering.”

The regional races and the national final are being organised and managed by Scalextric. Paul Chandler, marketing manager commented:

“This is a great initiative and Scalextric are immensely proud to be helping students gain real design and engineering experience by designing, building, and racing what can be extremely complex slot-cars”.

This design/make/race project is in response to the increasing demand for a science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) based learning activity that integrates the different STEM subjects in cross curricula manner.

Mike Brown, education programme manager for PTC said: “For students these projects need to be interesting, exciting, and challenging, for teachers the projects need to provide focus and deliver a rewarding learning experience, and for industry these projects need to be relevant to modern engineering and manufacturing materials and processes.”

PTC has developed a comprehensive curriculum for the Scalextric4schools design/make/race challenge. The curriculum provides teachers with a valuable resource which is mapped to the UK national curriculum and directly supports the delivery of STEM related subjects in the classroom.

The curriculum can be downloaded from the website ( This site also contains standard Scalextric components such as: wheels, motors, drive train and pickups in Pro|ENGINEER format so students can download and incorporate the standard components into their design just like a real engineer would do for bearings and fasteners etc.


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