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Firm launches TV campaign as part of the strategic positioning for its Discovery range
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Kids Industries has created the ad to promote the new product withing the firm's Discovery range, The Discovery Magical Melody Maker.

The 20-second ad started airing over the weekend will appear nationally across GMTV and Viacom channels.

The ad is a new non traditional approach for the toy brand and communicates the product via the child’s discovery experience, with each commercial being created from the child's viewpoint, including a Look Who's Talking style voiceover.

Kids Industries, a marketing agency which specialises in helping brands communicate responsibly to families and children, has created the ad, and website, as part of an integrated campaign.

A key product within Tomy's Discovery Range, The Discovery Magical Melody Maker is aimed at babies aged 18 months and over.

The TV campaign and website, are part of Tomy’s move to firmly position Discovery as a range of products that help babies discover through play.

Antonia Rainbow of Tomy commented: “The Discovery Magical Melody Maker is exciting new product and Kids Industries have delivered an innovative TV campaign to reflect this."


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