Tomy launches search for Super Tots

Firm looking for official toddler representatives for the brand.
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Tomy has kicked off a search for Britain's Super Tots.

The firm is looking for five yougsters with 'super-human play powers' to become official toddler representatives for the brand.

The Super Tots campaign will look to celebrate 'kid-powered play' and how the right toys can provide endless play possibilities with the child in control of the play, coming back to play again and again in different ways.

Super Tot categories are:

Musical Marvel - boasting an extraordinary ear for sounds and music; Electro - and electronic toy pro with signs of bring a technology genius; Major Splash - loves a laugh in the bath and demonstrates superb water skills; Super Zoomer - a mover and shaker, always on the go; and Professor Puzzle - an intellectual with a knack for problem solving.

Children that show the above skills are being urged to come forward and showcase their talents in one of the categories by sending in a few action photos. In return, the chosen Super Tots will have the opportunity to try out some toys and work closely with the brand.

Winners and their skills will be posted on Facebook, with their toy testing adventures documented over the coming months.


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