Tomy launches accreditation badge scheme for bloggers

The logo to be awarded to bloggers that have worked with Tomy over six months and meet a set criteria
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Tomy has set up an accreditation badge scheme to reward selected bloggers.

The logo will be awarded to bloggers that have worked with Tomy over six months and that meet a set criteria regarding reliability, accuracy and the ability to entertain and inform an audience.

“The blogging community have become a strong force in influencing consumer purchasing decisions,” says Joanne Gray, Marketing Director at Tomy.

“Blog writers are able to put forward objective and relevant reviews which parents take seriously. The Tomy accreditation badge is a way to give credit to these bloggers and to provide their readers with reassurance that the source is trustworthy. “

Tomy felt it important to show their appreciation to bloggers that regularly posting feedback about its range of products and the important part they play in the firm’s social media campaigns.

Six bloggers are already proudly displaying the badge on their sites, including WhatMummyThinks blogger Michelle Haslett.

“I was so pleased to be offered the Tomy blogger badge to put on my blog, it felt that is it was finally being recognized,” said Haslett.

“Being an ambassador for such a well-known brand is a real privilege.”


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