Sylvanian Families presents 'A Study in Art'

Flair curates a Sylvanian-themed art exhibition to celebrate the toy's 25th anniversary.
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Flair and Sylvanian Families fans have put together an art exhibition to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the toy brand.

The exhibition is open for the rest of this week at The Strand Gallery in London.

Visitors will be treated to seven Sylvanian themes: Sylvanian Families Rock, Sylvanian Love, Sylvania in Many Mediums, Around the World, Sylvanian Families Uncensored, A Photographic Snapshot and Through a Child’s Eyes.

Flair's brouchures at the event “This exhibition will enthral fans and art loves alike with its vast diversity including true-to-life representations and abstract works in both traditional and modern mediums including ink, glass, textiles and even film.”

Contributions came from toddlers up to Sylvanian fans in their 40s and 50s.

Flair will be auctioning the art at the end of the week and all proceeds will be donated to The Toy Trust to help disadvantaged families.

Head to the ToyNews Facebook page to see our snaps from the exhibition...


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