Star Wars Scalextric sets revealed

Hornby has signed a three-year deal to make Star Wars themed slot racing toys.
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Scalextric has been bolstered by the signing of Star Wars, uniting two of the most cherished boys brands in a three-year global licensing agreement.

Available from 'early 2012', the first two sets will be Battle of Endor, depicting the speeder bike chase scene from Return of the Jedi, and Death Star Attack, which recreates the climatic battle from of Star Wars: A New Hope.

Paul Chandler, marketing manager at Scalextric, commented: "This is a very exciting launch for both Scalextric and Star Wars fans. The new product range will create an exhilarating slot racing experience that everyone will enjoy."

The two sets will initially be available in Start and Micro flavours. The larger Start product, Battle of Endor is in 1:32 scale and features Luke Skywalker and a Scout Trooper riding speeder bikes around a 4.3 metre track.

Micro Death Star Attack is a miniature glow in the dark pursuit track in a 1:64 scale. It includes Lord Vader’s Tie Fighter and Luke Skywalkers X-Wing with working lights.

Solo models will also be available – such as an Ewok speeder bike for Battle of Endor.

Lucas Licensing partners are set to benefit from the 3D re-release of The Phantom Menace in February and the packaging prominently features Darth Maul - the focal point of this year's Star Wars licensing campaign.

The Star Wars range will be on show at Toy Fair. Check Hornby’s website for full product details.


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