Spin Master relaunching Mighty Beanz

Spin Master has signed up as the master toy distributor to relaunch Mighty Beanz.
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Aimed at Boys aged 5-9 years, Mighty Beanz are plastic bean characters which have unpredictable movement. Each bean belongs to a Bean Team and carries a rarity level to signify their value, the idea being to swap, collect and race the Beanz.

Each character has wacky cartoon graphics and there are five team members and 20 teams available in total per season, launching with 200 Beanz in season one.

Back in 2003, Mighty Beanz sold over 100 million units in the US and they will return in December this year.

The range retails in several pack sizes from entry-priced foil packs at 99p to three-packs at £4.99. There will also be Trick Track retailing at £4.99, which includes one exclusive Bean and accessory. The hinged design collapses to become a bean holder which clips onto a belt to be taken anywhere and new accessories will become available in autumn 2010.

A TV campaign will support the launch and further creatives will appear at strategic times throughout the year. Covermounts, sampling and Collector Posters will be distributed through key kids print titles and its presence will be enhanced by display units in-store.


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