Spin Master partners with YouTube's Mondo to create toy-based animated content

The firm will launch SpindoTV early next year and will feature original animated content based on it popular toy properties.
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Spin Master has partnered with YouTube’s largest animated content channel Mondo to create short animated features based on its popular toy lines.

SpindoTV is scheduled to launch early next year and will host a plethora of child-friendly animated and live action content in order to ‘address the underserved audience on YouTube.’

‘We are excited for our new partnership with Mondo Media,” said Josh Fisher, Spin Master executive producer. “Over 80 per cent of YouTube’s audience lives outside of North America, this lines up nicely with Spin Master which is a truly global company.

“SpindoTV is a great opportunity for us to generate new ideas and to directly engage with our audience that didn’t exist a few years ago.”

With over 2.5 billion views on YouTube, Mondo Media will help Spin Master produce and market the channel.

“Spin Master has a full 360 degree view of the six to 11 consumer,” added Mondo Media’s CEO John Evershed. “YouTube’s massive kids’ audience, super fun shows and toys. Sounds like a winning formula to me.”


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