Spin Master and Little Airplane debut pre-school show

Little Airplane Productions and Spin Master Entertainment to debut new pre-school property
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Suzy Takes the Stage (52 x 11 minutes) combines computer animation with elements of traditional theatrical stagecraft.

The series features a new animation style called Theatre Arts Animation, which has been created by Little Airplane for exclusive use on this series.

The announcement was made today by Josh Selig, President and Founder, Little Airplane Productions with Jennifer Dodge and Matthew Wexler, Executive Producers, Spin Master Entertainment.

Josh Selig, president and founder, Little Airplane Productions (pictured) commented: "Suzy is hands-down the funniest and most positive female character we have ever created at Little Airplane.

"We are thrilled to be joining forces with our partners at Spin Master Entertainment to bring 'Suzy Takes the Stage' out into the world."

The key developmental skills woven into each episode are resilience and self-knowledge. Suzy is a highly confident girl who never gives up no matter how many obstacles come her way. The educational curriculum has been developed by child development expert Dr Laura Brown.

Jennifer Dodge, executive producer, Spin Master Entertainment, added: “Once again Little Airplane has created a visually stunning animation style, featuring captivating characters that children around the world will adore.

“Our partnership with this cutting edge team on the development of ‘Suzy Takes the Stage’ has been magical.”


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