Re:creation changes putty name

Atomic Putty has been changed to Space Putty after the firm focus-grouped the brand.
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The firm was set to launch a range of new putty products under the Atomic brand, but mums and children in focus groups expressed a preference for the name Space Putty.

As Space Putty had been in existence for a number of years, the team at Re:creation firstly had to acquire the brand and then went about re-branding it, which will be supported by an advertising campaign, prior to launch in January.

The panel has provided similar feedback on a new craft proposition due for launch in 2011, which will result in both brand and packaging being made more appealing to the target customer.

Katy Fletcher, brand and marketing communications manager, said: "I have always been a strong believer in the importance of focused qualitative research particularly in product development, it is great that the team at Re:creation are also advocates of this approach. We look forward to applying this approach further in 2011 which is sure to be an exciting year for Re:creation with lots of exciting new products in the pipeline."


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