PercyVites teams with Hasbro for new licensed invitations

Hasbro’s brands and characters including Transformers, My Little Pony, Monopoly, Tonka and more will feature on the invitations and thank you videos.
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PercyVites is expanding its licensed invitations offering thanks to a new deal with toy giant, Hasbro.

The firm will now feature popular brands and characters including Transformers, My Little Pony, Monopoly, Tonka and more, which will all star in its customisable digital invitations and thank you videos.

Users are able to upload photos, party details and messages directly into the video template with the end result of co-starring alongside their favourite Hasbro character.

“Our partnership with Hasbro brings more fun and excitement to our digital party platform,“ said Julie Steiner, CEO of Percy3D.

“The addition of these fan-favourite characters brings an array of party planning themes for kids of all ages. We’re really pleased to offer users convenient, personalised and fun digital invitations that feature popular childhood favourites.”


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