Muro creator on why crowdfunding 'empowers inventors to get ideas off the ground'

The brainchild of Jeremy Bond and his brother, Muro was designed as a busy board for his son, which will soon be making its debut on crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. Here, Bond reveals how Muro will help develop motor skills and why indie stores will be the ideal retailer.
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How did you come up with the idea for Muro?

The idea came from a simple busy board my brother and I built for his son. It was just a sheet of MDF on the wall with bits and pieces from around the house. When we realised there was nothing on the market like this we thought it might make a good product and through the design of the ‘perfect’ busy board we realised that this is a very personal thing. That was the moment we decided we wanted to create an open platform on which parents created their own.

What kinds of items can be attached to the Muro board?

Anything at all. We have switches, latches, rattle, spinning things, chalk board….the list goes on, and we are only just getting started. We also have blanks so that if you think of anything we don’t do, its easy to make your own toys.

How does it help to develop co-ordination and motor skills for kids?

Generally speaking, play is so important in the development of these skills. To take pinch grip as an example, an important skill in writing which is developed through a clear pathway of fist grip, four finger grip and finally pinch grip. We have a series of toys which help guide kids through these step, without them even knowing.

What kinds of retailers would you like to see Muro in?

Any who wants it. But I think it’s a better fit for smaller independent stores at this point.

Will UK retailers be able to stock Muro?

Yes, we see retailers to be important for Muro. For stores who want to be first to stock and receiving priority in the future we’ll have a retailer option on Kickstarter.

You’re heading to Kickstarter with Muro. What will be your campaign goal?

Our goal is £35k, to finish off development and fund an initial production run.

What made you want to work with a crowdfunding platform?

I’ve been a fan of crowdfunding for a long time, I like that it empowers anyone to get ideas off the ground if they are motivated enough. If I ever need to get inspired – Kickstarter's always a good place to go.

What are your future plans for the brand?

We have big ambitions for the Muro, the aim is to have hundreds (or thousands) of toys available. At the moment we’ve definitely focused on younger children but we’re already developing toys to keep older kids engaged and think it would make a great platform to build from. Marble runs, 3D snakes and ladders, dolls house…the possibilities really are endless.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Watch this space (and please back us on Kickstarter). 


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