Mr Frosty tops nation's 'most wanted' toy list

Poll of British adults showed the toy topped the list of most wished for, but never received.
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The survey by, showed that almost a quarter of those questioned placed the ice crushing toy at the top of their childhood wish list.

Second place went to Scalextric, which had 15 per cent of the vote and the Game Boy came in at number three, with 13 per cent placing it top of their list.

The top ten toys Brits wanted but never received are:

1. Mr Frosty

2. Scalextric

3. Game Boy

4. Mousetrap

5. Remote controlled car

6. Classic train set

7. Lego

8. Buzz Lightyear

9. Thunderbirds Tracy Island

10. Transformer

The survey by included 3,000 adult respondents.


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