More fake Frozen goods seized at Stansted Airport

The haul - worth thousands of pounds - was seized by officials at the Essex airport.
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More fake Frozen goods have been seized by UK officials, this time racking up thousands of pounds worth of rip-off merchandise.

The haul was intercepted by customs officers at Stansted Airport and included fake plush, Elsa dolls, figurines and a fake Olaf.

The Home Office has said that in recent weeks, 156 counterfeit dolls and 400 pencil cases were flown over from Malaysia, reports the BBC.

A further 500 frozen products were seized in August this year, taking the total value of goods to more than £15,000.

On November 8th, 100 fake Frozen dolls were intercepted on their way from Malaysia, in a haul valued at £1,500. November 15th saw 56 fake Frozen dolls seized, valued at £840.

On November 27th, 205 fake Frozen pencil cases were intercepted from China, valued at £3000.

Authorities have warned people to be aware of fake goods this Christmas and to only buy from reputable retailers.


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