Monopoly now UK wide

Hasbro has grabbed the headlines with its new Monopoly Here and Now UK version.
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The firm has gained coverage in The Guardian, the Metro and the Daily Mail as well as on the BBC and Sky News as the revamped game goes on sale today.

The game, which has proved popular over many generations, has replaced London street names with cities and towns across Britain. Their positions on the board dependent on how many votes they received.

St Albans is the new Mayfair for instance, attracting more than 10 per cent of a public vote; Liverpool replaces Old Kent Road with 1.53 per cent of the vote; Leeds secures Whitechapel's position with 1.65 per cent; the small town of Keele is the new Fleet Street with 2.86 per cent; and Northumberland Avenue changes to London with 2.46 per cent of the vote.

Across the borders and Scotland is represented by Dundee, Cardiff gets on the board for the Welsh while Northern Ireland claims its spot with Belfast Airport.

Helen Martin, global brand director for Monopoly said: "The town and cities represented are clearly the places people feel most passionate about. As for London, it seems to have been a case of big city apathy".


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