MGA's Legend of Nara set for TV debut

The new line hits the small screen in the UK next week, with the launch of the advertising campaign.
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Aimed at boys aged six and over, the new range is based on a story of four tribes that once shared Planet Nara’s Narian valley, before descending into war with each other.

The introductory Legend of Nara range is bug-themed and allows boys to collect and battle the characters.

The characters – including spiders, cockroaches, grasshoppers and bees – clip onto battery-powered chassis making them move in any direction. The chassis also have a hook so bugs can be led into battle with a battle leash.

Marian Davis, marketing manager at MGA, said: “We’re very excited about the TV launch of Legend of Nara. The colourful, creepy-crawly nature of the bug-themed range will be of great appeal and the perfect complement for competitive boys in playgrounds everywhere.

“The unique and mysterious appearance of the bugs, coupled with the supporting website and impactful packaging emphasising the back story, is really going to drive excitement to the brand.”

The Legend of Nara basic pack comes with one bug body and one motorised chassis, while the battle-pack contains two bugs and two motors.

Besides the new TV campaign, the range is fully supported by PR and social media campaigns and its collectability will be enhanced by further waved product releases.


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