MGA seeks a further $2 billion from Mattel

However the judge is likely to turn down the new antitrust lawsuit.
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MGA's new lawsuit alleges that Mattel "has served to reinforce its fashion doll monopoly, and to impair the ability of MGA and others to compete in the relevant fashion dollar market."

Ahead of the oral hearing, US judge David Carter has hinted that he may 'toss' MGA's claim as it is based on the same litigation that saw Mattel ordered to pay the Bratz-maker $309 million in August, CBS reports.

In light of the judge's potential ruling, MGA has said it will continue to pursue further damages should the new lawsuit be rejected. 

In a statement, MGA Entertainment said: "We shall await the court's final ruling. If the ruling remains the same we shall amend the antitrust law suit. We may also consider other options."

The long-running case looked like it had concluded when Mattel was ordered to pay MGA over $309 million for damages, legal fees and trade secrets misappropriation.


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