MGA ramps up Bratz and Moxie Teenz marketing

The firm is strengthening its TV and online marketing presence for a number of its doll ranges.
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MGA took over the Nickelodeon homepage in October to celebrate the launch of the ten new Bratz characters, with balloons and ‘Nick wishes Bratz a happy tenth birthday’ web banner.

Bratz also took over the YouTube homepage on the official launch day (10.10.10), which saw 56,000,000 clicks to view the dolls on the site and 870,000 videos uploaded.

The range is also supported by a TV programme and this additional online media activity aims to build awareness and drive demand.

Further supporting the Bratz tenth anniversary celebrations, MGA extended its online presence on Nickelodeon’s Victorious, Zoey 101, True Jackson and many more.

Marian Davis, marketing manager at MGA Entertainment said: “We are keen to utilise all mediums within our marketing campaigns, and TV promotions is just one in the mix. We have several exciting promotions planned so keep watching this space.”

Additionally, Moxie Teenz has featured on the Nickelodeon iCarly programme, both on-air and online.

Over the four week TV campaign, which began at the end of September, iCarly’s website will carry a Moxie Teenz display to drive the audience to a dedicated branded competition hub, which gives viewers the chance to win one-off prizes.


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