MGA boss turns on US trade body

MGA boss Isaac Larian has accused US trade body, the TIA, of being a "puppet organisation" and being biased towards Mattel.
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In an open letter to TIA president Carter Keithley, Larian questions the independence of the trade body and says MGA products have been given the "cold shoulder".

The letters says: "MGA submitted Lalaloopsy, together with other hot MGA products, to TIA - yet TIA failed to even nominate Lalaloopsy in any of their awards categories.

"It seems ever since MGA won back-to-back Peoples’ Choice Toy of the Year Awards for Bratz in 2001 and 2002, MGA and its products have been given the cold shoulder by TIA. As we all know, Mattel is the biggest financial contributor to TIA because of its sheer size. For many years, Neil Friedman was the chairman of the TIA Board of Directors; and now it is Bryan Stockton, another Mattel employee.

"We know that TIA changed its rules at the urging of Mattel and scrapped the Peoples’ Choice Toy of the Year after MGA’s back-to-back wins. And as you know, for the past nine years I’ve been asking TIA to give me a seat on its board. TIA has given one excuse after another not to do this.

"TIA is supposed to be an independent organization for the benefit of all companies in the toy business. Is TIA independent? How can an organization such as TIA, with so many “experts”, miss the hottest toy of the year?

"It is time for the special interest politics within TIA to be set aside. Otherwise, TIA will become more and more of an ineffective and boring puppet organization. I ask you, as the leader of this organization, to take steps to make a change for the betterment of the toy industry."


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