Mega Brands backs Metal Battle Strikers

The second series of Battle Strikers products - Metal XS - is being backed with a cross-marketing campaign.
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Series two launched in January and has already added 12 new striker designs to build on the customisation and collectability factor of the toy.

The new superior series features durable metal armour making the turbo tops more powerful. The armour creates an intense metal clashing action and sound during battle and the outer weighting improves momentum for longer battles.

In addition, all extra five components of the Metal XS Strikers are compatible with Battle Strikers Series 1 and 2 so they can be combined to make a new Striker.

The Metal XS Starter Pack has an improved Turbo Boost Launcher with a customisable face plate for battle launches and DLX Controller with improved ergonomic grip and adjustable length for finger size.

Also new is the unofficial Battle Striker Blog where fans can create their own blog and be involved with forum pages. In addition, the main website has been upgraded to contain even more information about the Strikers, in-store and other local activities with its new Striker Society area.

Marketing support includes heavyweight TV advertising, sponsorship, PR and direct communications. The TV campaign runs from 27th March for three weeks with more than 600 TVRs throughout the Easter holidays. In addition, it has secured the sponsorship of the afternoon programming on Cartoon Network which will include a combination of break bumpers together with 30 second and 10 second adverts through Easter.

A number of retailers will also be carrying out in-store demonstrations including The Entertainer which will be organising demonstrations and Striker Clinics.


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