Mattel unveils Bug Racer car driven by crickets

The toy car doubles as a habitat for cricket and uses sensors in the cockpit allowing crickets to steer the vehicle by their own movements.
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Toy maker Mattel has unveiled a new toy racecar for kids, piloted entirely by insects.

Called the Bug Racer, the vehicle doubles as a cricket habitat, using sensors inside to steer based on the cricket’s motion.

While crickets are not included, the Bug Racer is battery operated and takes the shape of a winged insect. The habitat itself can hold up to five crickets and features four different driving modes.

Crickets will have to be purchased separately and Mattel recommends medium to large crickets for best vehicle operation, around an inch in length.

Aimed at children aged six and upwards, the Bug Racer features four driving modes: Cricket in Charge, allowing crickets to power the car themselves, Drag Racing, Autodrive and Light Show.

Said to be powered by eleCrickety, the Bug Racer’s habitat can be easily removed for cleaning, while if the vehicle crashes into something, it automatically reverses and redirects.

However, the Bug Racer is not just a toy, as Mattel describes the car as a ‘learning experience for owners’, too.

In Light Show mode, lights in the car will illuminate the crickets inside for closer observation, set to a musical tune.

Available in Toys R Us in the US, the Bug racer is currently priced at $34.99. That’s Christmas sorted, then.

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