Mattel taking Barbie to big screen?

Barbie-based cinema release could be Mattel?s next step.
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Mattel has hinted that it is looking to produce a film or possibly even a TV series based on Barbie, following the brand’s successful move into DVDs and online.

The firm is currently looking for partners to help produce the show, according to Richard Dickson, senior vice president and the man in charge of the Barbie brand.

Speaking at the annual MIPTV conference, Dickson said: “We are evolving ourselves into our own media company. Theatrical releases are certainly part of our strategic agenda."


Big screen beckons for Mattel Creations

The new division has a slate spanning live-action movies, video games, TV shows based on the American Girl and Barbie brands, as well as feature-length specials for Fireman Sam, Thomas & Friends and Bob the Builder.

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When Ruth Handler unveiled the first Barbie doll at the 1959 Toy Fair, it was a concept that challenged the mindset of a generation. With word of a biopic on the toy inventor emerging from Hollywood, Robert Hutchins looks at why it's a story that needs to be told.

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