Mattel revs up for Formula Hot Wheels season

First 'race' in marketing campaign set to take place on Cartoon Network this weekend.
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Mattel will kick off the first 'race' in its Formula Hot Wheels marketing drive tomorrow (May 30th) on Cartoon Network.

For the past month, kids have been earning points on the official website for their Formula Hot Wheels team in a bid to ensure that they win the forthcoming race, entitled Jurassic Escape.

Details of each of the four teams' points total has been kept under wraps for the last week to help boost audience traffic to the race proper.

Formula Hot Wheels is a club giving kids the chance to sign up and earn points for one of four teams, who will compete in four live action races on Cartoon Network throughout the year. Feedback already received has been positive, according to Wendy Hill, marketing manager for Mattel Boys division.

"The Formula Hot Wheels concept was delivered to provide an exciting and appealing way for boys to engage with the brand on a deeper level and have a personal influence on the outcome of each race," she said.

"This campaign has really struck a chord with our audience and we have seen boys joining in their thousands already. Between them, they have clocked up over three quarters of a million points in just a few weeks."

The campaign will continue throughout the year, with three further races scheduled to take place each showcasing a different theme.


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