Mattel ordered to pay MGA over $309 million

A judge has ordered the firm to pay the sum in the latest twist in Bratz trial.
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US District Court Judge David Carter reduced a previous jury award from more than $88 million to $85 million. He then awarded MGA a further $85 million in punitive damages for trade secrets misappropriation.

The remainder of the $309 million+ sum was made up with a payment of $137 million to MGA, the company's Hong Kong affiliate and CEO Isaac Larian for legal fees related to copyright and trade secrets.

MGA lead counsel Jennifer Keller said the total was over $309.8 million and included more than $2 million in legal fees on trade secrets claims.

Mattel said in a statement: "We are disappointed with the recent rulings on the post-trial motions. Mattel strongly believes that the outcome at the trial level is not supported by the evidence or the law.

"Additionally, we remain committed to finding a reasonable resolution to the litigation, and are focused on our primary goal — to make and sell great toys."


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