MATTEL: New Barbie campaign announced

Mattel has teamed up with Turner Media Innovations to promote Barbie Life.
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The company has announced the 'LOL (Laugh Out Loud) campaign, which will run from August until December on children's channel, Boomerang.

The campaign will promote a different Barbie Life product each month with activity driving viewers to a Barbie microsite hosted by Boomerang's website.

Viewers will then be given the chance to ask the evergreen doll a question. The best question overall will win the chance to ask Barbie the question on air on the TV channel.

The campaign will also include a range of online activity around key products in the range, alongside retail communications providing direct links to purchase.

The manufacturer will also by tying up with retailers to include in-store promotion.

Mattel girls' senior marketing manager said: "The campaign with TMi offers not only a content-rich experience for girls but also helps consumers identify key retailers to activate purchase. It is just one of a number of initiatives being undertaken to engage girls and customers in the Barbie brand."


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