Mattel links with Neurosky

Mattel has signed an exclusive deal with the firm to develop games and toys that operate using the power of concentration.
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NeuroSky's ThinkGear technology will be incorporated into the devices, using a headset that recognizes a user’s brainwave activity during varying levels of concentration.

The processes the information into digital signals and transmits the signals to the base unit as commands.

Mindflex will be the first game using the technology to be launched by Mattel. By harnessing a combination of mind-eye coordination, a player must levitate and guide a small, foam ball around a customizable obstacle course.

As the player concentrates harder, the digital signal output from the game’s headset powers a small fan inside the console, levitating the ball. When the player relaxes, the ball gradually drops.

A hand dial on the game console allows the player to move the ball horizontally along the obstacle course, merging mind-eye coordination with hand-eye coordination.

The game will be available for purchase this autumn in the US for $79.99.

Geoff Walker, senior vice president of Wheels, Games and Radica, for Mattel said: “Using NeuroSky’s innovative technology, our engineers have created a product in Mindflex that takes gaming to an entirely new level.

"Our partnership will undoubtedly lead to future innovations in the toy and game categories in the years ahead.”


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