Mattel launches new Hot Wheels animation

Team Hot Wheels Origin of Awesome launches initially with a 22-minute episode.
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Mattel has launched a new adventure-comedy animation based on its popular Hot Wheels brand.

Team Hot Wheels Origin of Awesome launches initially with a 22-minute episode, following the adventures of four unique Hot Wheels characters.

The episode has already been placed o various popular boys websites and parent blogs, and will soon be available to watch on Netflix.

This autumn will see a follow up launch of a 70-minute DVD, hitting retailers this September.

The story sees four kids tasked with stopping a mysterious car as it wreaks havoc in the town of Hilly woodlands. Helpd by an eccentric scientist, Gage, Rhett, Wyatt and Brandon must outrace the car in their own vehicles, to become Team Hot Wheels.

“Origin of Awesome is a fantastic platform to emotionally engage kids, allowing us to bring the brand to life in a new fun and contemporary way,” said Hot Wheels’ UK director of customer marketing and brand communication, Wendy Hill.


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