Mattel Creations details Barbie slate ahead of MIPCOM 2016

Barbie Dreamtopia, Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures and Barbie Dolphin Magic will be showcased.
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Mattel Creations has unveiled its 2017 content slate ahead of this year’s MIPCOM.

The content creation division will be showcasing a special and two new series for Barbie, its brand new show Enchantimals, as well as Thomas & Friends content.

The Barbie Dreamtopia series was greenlit following the huge success of the Barbie Dreamtopia special, which has been taken by the likes of Cartoon Network (Latin-America), Super RTL (Germany), Pop TV (UK), MiniMini (Poland), Karusel (Russia) and Media Prima (Malaysia).

The series boasts a visual look designed to appeal to more of a pre-school demographic than previous Barbie content. Set to be released in autumn 2017, the story revolves around Chelsea, the youngest sister of Barbie, as she takes a journey from her real life to the land of dreams.

Elsewhere, Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures is another brand new Barbie series developed for an older audience of 5 to 11 year olds. The new episodic show will chronicle the adventures of Barbie and her sisters, Chelsea, Stacie and Skipper. Mattel Creations has also developed a 60-minute Barbie special called Barbie Dolphin Magic, that will debut alongside the two series in 2017.

Mattel Creations is also set to unveil its brand new special, Enchantimals. This 60-minute special follows a special group of friends animal abilities who are the keepers of their enchanted forest home.

“With its broad appeal and fans of many ages, the world of Barbie content is expanding in many directions. Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures is a playful, CG-animated “sitcom” aimed at the 6 to 11 year old audience where comedy is the order of the day," said Christopher Keenan, senior vice president global content and executive producer at Mattel Creations.

"Barbie Dreamtopia, on the other hand, is very much a preschool/transitional series, targeting Barbie’s younger audience and starring her youngest sister, Chelsea. Additionally we are thrilled to announce our new special, Enchantimals, as well as fresh content for Thomas & Friends, Monsters High and WellieWishers.

"We’re certain our diverse and vibrant schedule for 2017 will have broad appeal for children of many ages from around the world.”


Big screen beckons for Mattel Creations

The new division has a slate spanning live-action movies, video games, TV shows based on the American Girl and Barbie brands, as well as feature-length specials for Fireman Sam, Thomas & Friends and Bob the Builder.

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Mattel Creations SVP Christopher Keenan on the business' first year, new Barbie content and plans for Thomas & Friends

Mattel launched its new content and entertainment hub, Mattel Creations, earlier this year, but already the studio is redefining the company’s wider approach to TV, film and digital for some of its biggest brands, including Barbie, American Girl and Thomas & Friends. Robert Hutchins talks to Christopher Keenan, SVP of content development and production at Mattel, about the latest developments for the blossoming studio.

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