Mattel adds blog to Barbie I Can Be campaign

Firm teams up with government organisation to launch the blog, based on the new Computer Engineer Barbie.
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The UKRC is the government’s lead organisation for the advancement of gender equality in science, engineering and technology.

The online 'interview' discusses the doll's new career and why other girls should consider a career in computing.

The new blog joins a range of high profile scientists, engineers and technologists who have already shared experiences and advice on the UKRC’s site.

Annette Williams, director of the UKRC, commented: "We are thrilled to have such an iconic figure join us on the UKRC blog. The lack of women working in computing in the UK is a major issue. The industry needs diverse and talented women and men in order to thrive.

“We are currently working with women, employers and educators to ensure more women enjoy fulfilling careers in computing and information technology. The commitment of Barbie to encourage girls to consider training and working in computing is enormously positive.”

Rebecca George, chair of the Forum of Women at BCS, added: “The IT workforce in the UK is set to grow at four times the rate of other professions, yet already 43 per cent of employers report a lack of candidates.

"We know that many girls lose interest in technology: Barbie’s entry to the world of computer engineering is to be welcomed as one way of inspiring girls to consider this important and fulfilling career.”

Mattel worked closely with the Society of Women Engineers and The National Academy of Engineering in the US to ensure that Computer Engineer Barbie met the standards of her title.

To read the blog, please click here.


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