MAPS dough still available despite Hasbro opposition

Despite opposition from Hasbro and a pending court case, MAPS can continue selling its Yummy Dough product.
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Play Doh owner, Hasbro, has objected to MAPS' description of the product as "edible play dough" and sought an injunction against the firm and German Supplier 123 Nahrmittel.

A court consent order means that Yummy Dough can still be marketed and described as the “edible play dough” at the moment, but further hearings will take place before a final ruling is made in November.

A statement from Hasbro said: "Hasbro has taken action in the UK to prevent 123 Nahrmittel GmbH and MAPS Ltd (the 'Defendants') from infringing their Play-Doh brands. The Play-Doh brand has been on the market for over 50 years and has generated enormous goodwill.

"Hasbro issued an application for interim relief which ended in Hasbro and the Defendants agreeing the terms of a Court order. The Court order restricts what the Defendants can do until judgment (or further Order from the Court). Hasbro is confident of continued success but given that proceedings are ongoing, declines to make further comment pending judgment."


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