LEGO Wayne Manor opens on Cuusoo

Fans of the Dark Knight can recreate the assault on Bruce Wayne's home
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A LEGO version of Bruce Wayne's manor has landed on LEGO Cuusoo.

The creation, by DarthKy, features an unfolding model of the mansion, complete with Batcave and several secret passages.

"There are plenty of Batman sets on Cuusoo, and plenty of Modulars but this is something new, something different, a themed Modular, Wayne Manor," said DarthKy.

"A theme is not the only thing that makes this modular unique though. Instead of stacking, this model unfolds.

"The folding method allows for multiple levels of display and play. Folded up the build is an attractive manor, but there are three hinges dividing the model into four quarters. These can be arranged for the previously indicated closed display, all hinges open (as displayed above) or a variety of other configurations."

The LEGO Wayne Manor features Bruce Wayne, Alfred and Batgirl Minifigures, with DarthKy asking fans to vote on an included bad guy from a list of Ra's al Ghul, The Ventriloquist, Red Hood, Killer Moth, Firefly, Hush, Mad Hatter and Lady Shiva.

The project has to make it to 10,000 supporters to reach the Review stage on LEGO CuuSoo.

Check out the project below, or to back the idea, click here.

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