Lego voted most popular toy of all time

Toy beats Transformers, Barbie and Star Wars to the top spot in survey by Firebox.
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According to a global survey of 3,000 people conducted by online retailer, and, 70 per cent of consumers prefer retro toys to modern ones, and almost half of people still own toys from their childhood.

Almost half of 20-40 year olds surveyed – both men and women – still own toys they had when they were young, whilst 20 per cent have passed them on to friends or family.

Top of the list from the males surveyed was Lego, Game Boy, Transformers and Action Man. The females opted for Barbie as top, with Lego, My Little Pony, Game Boy and Sindy following suit.

Christian Robinson, managing director of said: "We are not surprised that Lego came top of our survey - it is timeless and popular with young and old, male and female alike.

"Our modern range of Lego licensed products is hugely popular - proving that the brand has evolved since the 1960s into a global phenomenon."

78 per cent of females and 63 per cent of males surveyed prefer old-fashioned toys to modern ones.

Many survey participants emphasised a desire for the return of the original versions of retro toys - as opposed to cheaper, plastic, modern day editions that are available today.

Robinson added: “Retro toys have always sold incredibly well for us. We launched the Atari Classics and Namco Plug & Play TV Games in 2004 - iconic self-contained joysticks which let you play retro video games on your TV set - and sold close to 20,000.”

When asked what toy consumers would like to see make a comeback, the original Game Boy was the number one choice, with Thundercats and Big Trak following suit. 1980s toy Big Trak and Big Trak Junior are indeed making a comeback in the next few weeks.

Top ten toys (in order of popularity):

1. Lego
2. Nintendo Game Boy
3. Transformers
4. Action Man
5. Barbie
6. Star Wars
7. My Little Pony
8. teddies
9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
10. Scalextric


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