Lego voted Britain's favourite heritage toy

A survey by Disney has revealed the nation's top toys to pass to future generations.
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The research was commissioned to mark the Blu-ray and DVD release of Toy Story 3. The survey quizzed 3,000 British parents on their toy treasures from childhood which they have passed on to their own children.

The results provide a list of the toys that have stood the test of time with teddy bears, Scalextric and Rubiks Cube all featuring in the top ten.

The top ten heritage toys adults will pass down to their children (in %) are:

1. Lego – 23.00
2. Teddy bears – 11.77
3. Rubiks cube – 6.77
4. Dolls house – 6.60
5. Barbie/Ken – 5.83
6. Matchbox cars – 5.60
7. Scaletrix – 5.57
8. Trainsets – 3.57
9. Rag dolls – 3.30
10. Marbles – 3.27

Other favourites included Trolls, Slinky and Gameboy and narrowly missed out on reaching the top ten.

Two thirds of adults stated they would want to pass on toys from their childhood to their own kids and 42.8 per cent of parents state their children own at least one toy that was originally theirs.

The number one motivation behind handing down toys was revealed as sentimental value with 56 per cent of British adults citing this reason, followed by charitable reasons at 13 per cent and financial savings at nine per cent.

Despite a clear love of heritage toys, 67 per cent of parents admit to rationing the time their children spend on modern toys, which may help increase the lifespan of a toy.

The survey also revealed that an average of 154 toys are accumulated by Brits from birth to 16 with the average Brit still owning at least three of these keepsakes.

Scotland was highlighted as the UK’s young spirited capital with half of adults questioned claiming to still own their favourite childhood toy.

Disney brand manager, Claire Kombou said: “The results of the research provide us with a fascinating insight into the classic toys that are treasured by a nation.

"It’s great to see that many toys featured in Toy Story 3 such as teddy bears (Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear) and Barbie and Ken are what Brits will be passing on to their future generations.”



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