Lego predicts bumper Christmas

Lego expects its Christmas sales to be stronger than last year.
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The firm says its branded lines such as Mars, Lego City and Star Wars are driving its growth.

Mads Nipper, marketing and product development head said the lines have all seen double-digit growth.

"Our hope and ambition is that we might end as high as five per cent above last year, which was a very good year, but it's still uncertain, given that the majority of the Christmas sales are still ahead of us."

He also said he doesn’t think there will be a repeat of last year where entire lines were in short supply from unexpected high demand and the shift of production from Western European plants to low-cost countries and Flextronics.

"It's much better than last year. Last year, even more so than this year, we were taken by surprise by just how strong demand for Lego's products were.

There won't be a lot, if any, disappointed children this Christmas, this year. There might be a store here or there where the products are hard to find but there's no product where the market is completely empty," he said. 


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