LEGO Friends welcomes jungle range

LEGO fans can help a bear in trouble in the Jungle Bridge Rescue set.
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LEGO is welcoming six new welcoming jungle-themed sets to its LEGO Friends range.

The Jungle Rescue Base (£44.99) sees Andrea use the telescope to look for animals in danger, in this case, a Panda in trouble.

Kids can slide Andrea down to the raft, rescue the panda in distress and help Stephanie check it over in the mobile medical station using the thermometer, stethoscope and ice pack.

Elsewhere, the Jungle Bridge Rescue set (£24.99) features a bear that has got stuck on a rickety old rope bridge. It's up to Matthew in his off-road vehicle and Mia in her rescue helicopter to help out.

The LEGO Friends Jungle Tree Sanctuary (£24.99) featuring three floors with activities including feeding the lion cub in his paddock, topping up the parrot’s biscuits in the birdhouse and giving the monkey a bath.

LEGO fans can help a tiger in trouble in the Jungle Falls set (£17.99) which sees Olivia build a dam to stop the waterfall, before she pulls the tiger to safety.

The First Aid Jungle Bike (£12.99) is the ideal vehcile to rush and help a monkey trapped in a cave while Andrea’s Mountain Hut (£9.99) sees the friends build a campfire, toast some marshmallows and get a good night's sleep on the comfy camp bed.

The full range is available now.


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