LeapFrog features on BBC Click

SVP Chris Spalding discusses the success of child appropriate technology.
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LeapFrog's LeapPad has appeared on BBC Click during special item evalutating the merits of kids electronic learning products versus the adult counterparts.

Click here to watch the feature.

Speaking to the BBC's Spencer Kelly, Spalding, senior vice president for EMEA and Australasia at LeapFrog, said: "Adults are used to leading edge technology. For children of the age group of LeapPad, which is four to nine year-olds, we designed this product specifically with them in mind and therefore the speeds are appropriate to them."

Reflecting on the coverage, Spalding commented: "Having topped the Dream Dozen with LeapPad and maintained the number one selling product slot in recent months, an appearance on such a high profile international show has been a great way to round off a phenomenal year for LeapFrog. We look forward to building on this success in 2012 and continuing our innovative, ‘first to market’ approach."


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