Kids to battle Attacknids at Toys R Us

Wow Stuff to take its hot Christmas product on tour; Other retail partners to be announced.
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Wow Stuff will bring its own brand of in-store theatre Toys R Us and other top UK toy retailers in the run up to this Christmas. 

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The company has developed a travelling battle arena designed to engage kids in the Combat Creatures brand by letting them battle Attacknids, and will include a host of interactive, immersive features.

Wow Stuff CEO Richard North explains: “Our Battle Arenas are the ultimate truly modular, internet connected, dramatically theatrical, competitive battling roadshows.

“In today’s world of connectivity kids can interact with brands across so many different mediums. These different mediums such as apps, virtual worlds, TV and physical product will eventually merge so that interaction with one creates response or interaction with another.

"During the three years of Combat Creatures’ Battling Robotics development we quickly realized that you could not build a low priced battling robot that was wholly immersive; fully interactive, future smartphone proofed and outstandingly ‘Wow’.

"We wanted not just to build a toy with the ‘Wow-factor’, but to build a real experience brand where every kid can attend a roadshow or retailer live event and compete using skills honed at home.”

Tour dates are set to be announced soon...


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